1. What is Gems Direct?

  1. Gems Direct is an e-commerce store for natural gemstones which specializes in Sapphires of all colours as well as Rubies.
  2. Gems Direct is a company incorporated under the Law of Sri Lanka.

2. Which country does Gems Direct operate from?

  1. Sri Lanka

3. What are the types of stones Gems Direct deals in?

  1. The collection includes Blue Sapphires, Rubies, Pink Sapphires, Yellow Sapphires, Padparadscha Sapphires, Violet Sapphires, Purple Sapphires, Fancy Coloured Sapphires, Alexandrites, Spinels, Tsavorites, Chrysoberyls, Star Sapphires, Star Rubies, Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyls and curated rare gemstones.
  2. We also deal with Royal Blue and Cornflower Blue Sapphires, as well as Pigeon Blood and Vivid Red Rubies.

4. Are matched pairs available?

  1. Yes, we offer matched pairs of unheated and heated gemstones.

5. Are all the gems that are listed ethically mined?

  1. Yes, all gemstones listed are ethically mined.

6. Does Gems Direct use any treatment on its gemstones?

  1. Most stones listed are unheated and free of any treatment.
  2. Certain stones however can be treated with only thermal heat. If heated, it will be clearly indicated on the website and product description.

7. Does Gems Direct sell any synthetics or imitations?

  1. No. Gems Direct only deals with natural stones that are mined.

8. Does Gems Direct certify the stones that are listed?

  1. Yes, all gemstones are tested by a gemologist before being listed on the website.

9. How can I buy a product on www.GemsDirectOnline.com ?

  1. Simply click on any product you like on the Gems Direct catalogue (www.gemsdirectOnline.com/catalogue ), add to cart and proceed to checkout.

10. How can I pay for the products I buy?

  1. You can fill in your basic details, shipping details and select your preferred method of payment.

11. What are the payment methods available?

  1. You can pay through credit/debit card (VISA, Master) or Bank Telegraphic Transfer (TT) / Wire Transfer.
  2. bWe are also working with banks and payment partners to introduce more payment options which are widely used.

12. Can I trust Gems Direct?

  1. Yes, you can! Gems Direct is a company incorporated and legally recognized in Sri Lanka.
  2. The Gems Direct team includes members who know the trade in and out, veterans who are third generation members in the gem and jewellery industry with the over 30 years of experience, Graduate Gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and members reading for the Fellowship of the Gemological Association (FGA) from Gem-A, UK.

13. How secure is the transaction process?

  1. All card payments are done via secure links through the bank using VISA or Master card platforms.

14. Can I purchase from anywhere around the world?

  1. aYes, you can – subject to regulations from the country the order is placed from.

15. What are my shipping options?

  1. FedEx
  2. EMS/Registered post
  3. Higher value goods will be handled by agents who are specialized in valuable cargo (Brinks, Ferrari, Malca-Amit)

16. Are my goods insured when they are shipped?

  1. Yes, your goods are insured throughout the shipping process.
  2. Insurance values and terms can depend on the shipping option selected and the value of the stone.

17. How much does it cost for shipping and insurance?

  1. The cost will vary based on the shipping option you select during checkout, and the value of the stone.

18. How long does it take for my goods to arrive?

  1. It can take 5-15 working days. However, it may vary according to the shipping method that is selected.

19. Can I return the goods I buy?

  1. Yes, all gemstones purchased can be returned in their original condition within 30 days of delivery. Please refer to the payment & shipping policy for more information 

20. How long does it take to get a refund?

  1. You can get a refund within 30 days of us receiving the returned package at the Gems Direct office in Sri Lanka. Please refer to the payment & shipping policy for more information.

21. Is the actual gem same size as the photo given?

  1. No, it is not.
  2. The actual size and dimension of each gemstone is given under the product details.
  3. Sizes in the photo or video can vary when taken from different angles and different magnifications.

22. Can the colour of the actual stone differ from the colour of the photo or video given?

  1. Yes, colours can change according to the display it is viewed through. Gems Direct has taken great care to showcase all gemstone colours accurately.

23. Can there be inclusions which cannot be seen in the photo or video given?

  1. Yes, there can be. Varying inclusions are visible from different angles and different magnifications.
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